Supernatural: Witch’s Canyon (Book Review)

Witch’s Canyon is the second book in the series of TV Tie-in novels from the CW show Supernatural, featuring another brand new story from the monster-hunting Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. This book takes place directly after book one, Nevermore and during season 2, between episodes 8 (Crossroad Blues) and 9 (Croatoan), and is written by Jeff Mariotte.


After Sam and Dean conclude their business in New York City – see Nevermore for details – they travel to Cedar Wells, Arizona, where once every 40 years, a string of unexplained murders decimate the small American town.


Witch’s Canyon didn’t grip me in the same way that its predecessor did, and the story is a bit slow burn for my taste. It takes a little while for events to get interesting, or connect together and gives off a feeling of disjointedness in its concept. Each murder almost appears unique, differing in almost every aspect, which makes it difficult for both the reader and the Winchesters, to visualise and decipher the real source of the mayhem.

The narrative also spends far, far too much time repeating basic background facts about Sam and Dean; including information on John and Mary Winchester, Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica, and their training as hunters. I understand the need to provide key details, especially those that will help unfamiliar readers learn more about the main characters. However, given that the majority of people who are likely to read this book are already fans of the TV series, repeating this information regularly after every few chapters seems to be completely unnecessary. Jeff also gets Dean’s eye colour wrong, which really irritated me.

All in all I think Witch’s Canyon would have been better off as a TV episode, rather than a novel. The overall story is ok, but nothing spectacular. At just 3 out of 5 stars, it’s only for the die-hard Supernatural fans, I think. Those interested however, can pick up a copy of Witch’s Canyon from here.


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