The Race Through Space Trilogy: Books 1-3 – David Hawk (Book Review)

Book 1: The Race Through Space

David Hawk’s first book is an intriguing science fiction adventure novella, in which two 13-year-olds travel through wormholes to extra-terrestrial planets. Neil Webb and his best friend Marie have been tasked by Neil’s father, Stephen and fellow physicist Dr. William Lowell, to embark on a dangerous mission to rescue them from an uncharted planet. Teaming up with various intelligent alien beings whom they meet along the way, Neil and Marie soon find themselves thrust into the adventure of a lifetime.


Book 2: The Wave of Time

Neil and Marie have unexpectedly found themselves separated from their companions and guides after the events in book one. However, while resting on the alien planet Amphibios they stumble upon Neil’s grandfather, Grandpa Al. Together the three of them must find a way to reach Stephen and Dr. Lowell, preferably before Dr. Lowell succumbs to his wounds.


Book 3: The End of Time

The third novella in this Race Through Space trilogy concludes the adventures of Neil and Marie, on their mission to rescue Dr. Stephen Webb and Dr. William Lowell from the uncharted Alien planet. Before travelling to Varillam, to warn its inhabitants of a deadly threat to their existence.



I rather enjoyed meeting and learning about all of the different races of intelligent beings and various strange creatures that inhabit these alien planets, such as the Spaldings and the Wychu. The overall story is very fun and imaginative, and the pace is swift with simple and straightforward language, making these novellas perfect for young adults.

However, personally I dislike it when writers release separate short novellas as instalments of a larger series. This is because each book tends to end abruptly without conclusion, instead continuing the main plot through into the next instalment, and the next etc. The Race Through Space books employ this very system of separate short instalments, so please beware of this if you choose to read these books individually. The saving grace is that the three books have been brought together and released as a trilogy, which is what I have read and reviewed here.

One major issue that I have about this story is that since there are at least three different wormhole devices in existence – the one Dr. Stephen Webb and Dr. William Lowell use, Neil’s device and Grandpa Al’s device – why didn’t Stephen take a spare device with them on their journey, and leave just one device at home. Surely in reality this would have made the most sense, although I suppose if that were the case then the whole concept of this story falls apart, as then Neil wouldn’t have needed to come to his Dad’s rescue. Admittedly David included an explanation to this later on in book three, however I still feel that it would have benefitted Stephen to have carried a spare device.

There are also quite a high number of quality issues with regard to spelling and grammar within this book which is rather frustrating as its basic premise is highly enjoyable. I’m rating this at 3.5 out of 5 stars because while I enjoyed the main story arc, finding it amusing, fun and entertaining, there were a few issues and I maintain that this should have been released simply as one complete novel, rather than split into instalments and classed as a trilogy.

I received a complimentary copy of The Race Through Space Trilogy direct from author, David Hawk and have voluntarily chosen to write this review.

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