The Solaris Saga by Janet McNulty (Book Reviews)

This review comprises the four novels in Janet McNulty’s space opera series, The Solaris Saga. You can read my full review of book one ‘Solaris Seethes’ via here.


…beware of spoilers…

Since Solaris Seethes failed to reach a satisfactory conclusion, it should come as no surprise that the follow up Solaris Seeks begins exactly where the first instalment left off; Rynah and her friends from Earth continue in their search for the final two crystals, in a race against time to stop Klanor from unleashing a weapon of mass destruction.

Solaris Seethes, despite its faults, was a well written young adult novel from Janet McNulty, but Solaris Seeks, the second instalment, is filled with far too much descriptive detail, which seems to be intended to stretch out and bulk up the series. As a result the pacing of the story is significantly reduced, and the dull monotony fails to move the story forward, making it a difficult novel to read. Coupled with a high number of spelling and grammar mistakes, there were numerous instances during which time I almost gave up reading it altogether.

However, Janet still retains the ability to hook the reader into engaging with the narrative, and while part of you feels compelled to put the book down and move on to something else, curiosity convinces you to keep on reading.

Unfortunately, once again the novel suddenly ends on a cliff hanger, forcing you to continue on and read not just book three, Solaris Strays, but also book four Solaris Soars if you wish to discover how the story ends.


Initially Janet intended The Solaris Saga to be a trilogy, however upon writing these books part three became so expansive that the author soon changed her mind, splitting the final instalment into two separate novels. As a result I feel that the story has been stretched out far beyond its breaking point, and by the time I reached the final novel I was getting extremely sick and tired of the tedious, overly-long story and the ridiculous amount of spelling mistakes contained within it. I took me a long, long time to finish this series and unfortunately, I’ll never get any of that wasted time back.

Intended more for young adults, it may be possible that those of a younger generation may enjoy The Solaris Saga, but at just 1 out of 5 stars, for adults I would definitely not recommend it.

Author: Sarah

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