Brent Bolster Investigations: Book 4 – Double Infinity (Book Review)

Double Infinity is the fourth science fiction novel in the hilarious Brent Bolster Investigations series by author Michael Campling, and it is reminiscent of writers such as Douglas Adams and Red Dwarf creators Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

…warning: potential spoilers for those not previously familiar with the Brent Bolster series…

My review of book one, Dial G for Gravity can be found here.

In this instalment, Vince Claybourne, having gotten fed up with being underappreciated as Brent’s Associate, has now jumped ship and signed up as a trainee investigator for another agency, Scarlet Fedora. However, loaded down with debt, and a girlfriend to impress, Vince takes on a dangerous side gig in a desperate bid to increase his earnings.

When Vince’s behaviour becomes a little too erratic, a worried Maisie turns to Brent and Rawlgeeb for help. Encouraged by the idea of a simple, easy case, and the even rarer phenomenon of money coming into the business, instead of out, Brent quickly agrees to investigate his old associate. However, things never quite go smoothly for Brent, and even less so for poor, unassuming Vince.

Meanwhile, with the Gloabons and Andelians on the verge of war, the one person capable of diffusing the situation has picked a hell of a time to take a holiday. Can Dex get back to The Kreltonian Skull in time to save the day?


Once again, Mr. Campling has produced another cracking sci-fi novel in the Brent Bolster series. With plenty of nail-biting action, comedy one-liners and intriguing story, along with all of the humans, aliens and cybonic lifeforms that we’ve come to know and love from the first three books, I don’t know about you, but this is definitely my favourite series of Michael’s so far.

Double Infinity is a top notch book at 5 out of 5 stars, but the only thought going through my brain right now is, wouldn’t those Gloabons look great on TV? Maybe Rawlgeeb was onto something with that Face-streme idea of his. After all, Brent needs to fund his coffee habit somehow.


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