The Race Through Space: Event Horizon – Book 1 by David Hawk (Book Review)

Following on from the original Race Through Space trilogy, Event Horizon begins with a very interesting premise: Neil and Marie are now estranged adults, but when Marie gets into difficulty, Neil is called in to come to her rescue. However, when the story properly starts, we return to Neil and Marie as children, shortly after the original Race Through Space trilogy ends.

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…warning: potential spoilers…

As previously mentioned, the book begins shortly after the original trilogy ends, with thirteen-year-old Neil and Marie. While completing a school project the two friends borrow one of the time travel devices in a bid to seek out new alien worlds. Unfortunately, they unexpectedly strand the school bully, alone on a dangerous alien planet. Forced to confront his father with the truth, Stephen Webb, Dr. William Lowell, Neil and Marie soon embark on a mission to rescue Chris Roemer from a dangerous planet.


In some ways I’m a little disappointed with the direction of this novel. I was really looking forward to seeing Neil and Marie as adults, going up against the destructive powers of the black hole. I think this premise itself would have made for a fantastic story. Unfortunately, Event Horizon, despite its title, wasn’t the book I had expected. However, I did ultimately enjoy the time travel rescue story, and would recommend it to young adult fans of science fiction.

In my opinion, I think it would be beneficial for the reader to have read the original Race Through Space trilogy first, in order to achieve the most sense and understanding of Event Horizon. It may not be necessary in order to comprehend this story, as most things are thoroughly explained within its pages, but I feel that it lends an additional layer of depth and the plot builds on previous events from the earlier books.

I didn’t find Event Horizon to be quite as exhilarating or action-packed as its predecessors, focusing more on the main characters Neil and Marie, rather than the alien creatures and planets. However, unlike the earlier books, this is a full-length novel, although it still seems quite a quick read. My main gripes are the somewhat abrupt ending and the number of spelling errors, however these aside I rate this at 4 out of 5 stars, and look forward to reading more of the series – Hopefully the black hole will play a bigger role in the next instalment.

I received a complimentary copy of this book directly from the author and voluntarily chose to write this review.


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