Supernatural: One Year Gone by Rebecca Dessertine (Book Review)

One Year Gone is book seven in the series of TV Tie-in novels from the CW show Supernatural, and is written by Rebecca Dessertine. It takes place between the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6.


…possible spoiler warning for those not familiar with the TV series…

Dean is struggling after the events of season five. With Sam gone he moves in with old flame Lisa Braeden and her 12-year-old son, Ben. He makes every effort to live a normal life, as far away from his previous hunter’s lifestyle as possible, as per Sam’s final wishes. However, the guilt over failing his brother consumes him and he finds solace in whiskey.

Eventually, Dean concocts a plan to free his brother from Lucifer and the cage. Under the guise of a family vacation, he lures Lisa and Ben to Salem, Massachusetts where he hopes to find a witch with an original copy of the Necronomicon. With help from this dangerous artefact and a powerful witch’s spell, Dean hopes to be reunited with Sam.


What I particularly enjoyed about One Year Gone is the re-emergence of Samuel Campbell, and an introduction to some of the other Campbell family hunters, Sammy’s cousins, Christian, Mark and Gwen. Along with a very accurate portrayal of one of my other favourite secondary characters, the hilariously sarcastic, witty demon, King of Hell, Crowley.

Unfortunately, these secondary characters aren’t actually in the story for very long and I soon found myself getting a bit frustrated with the slow, tedious pace. Dean doesn’t act like himself, trying to be a family man for Lisa and Ben just isn’t really in his nature as a hunter, and I’ve never been a fan of this aspect of the TV series.

On the other hand, I do quite like soulless Sam during the major story arc between season’s 5 and 6, and the lengths he goes to in order to kill demons. However, I got a little annoyed at the constant, and somewhat unnecessary, flashback scenes, when he’s off hunting with Samuel.

I struggled quite a bit to read One Year Gone, as I didn’t find the story entertaining and the witches acted like weird cross-over baddies. Part witch, part demon, part nothing-can-possibly-harm-me immortal. They just didn’t make enough sense for me. There are also a number of annoying spelling errors, so another poor 1 out of 5 stars for this Supernatural novel.

Anyone wishing to check out One Year Gone can find it on here.


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