Arrow: Book 1 – Vengeance (Book Review)

Vengeance is the very first novel to have spun off from the hit CW TV series Arrow, which in turn is based on the Green Arrow character from DC comics.

…possible spoiler warning…


Slade Wilson, an employee of A.S.I.S. (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) suffers a botched mission to the remote island of Lian Yu. While on the island he meets the young billionaire Oliver Queen, who is also stranded after his family’s ship, the ‘Queen’s Gambit’ sinks offshore. The two men join forces for survival, along with Slade’s lover Shado.

After Oliver is placed in an impossible position he causes Shado’s death. The crazed mirakuru fuelled Slade vows to exact his revenge on the spoiled rich kid, not just by killing Oliver himself but also by taking the lives of all of the people that he loves.

When disaster separates the men during a seemingly lethal fight, Oliver leaves Slade for dead. But through the presence of the Japanese miracle cure, the mirakuru, in his blood, Slade survives his ordeal. The thirst for vengeance gains momentum as he uses A.S.I.S. technology to track down Oliver, biding his time until he finds the perfect moment to strike.

Who will win? Slade and his merry band of followers, each harbouring vengeance in their heart aimed towards the Queen family, or Oliver A.K.A. the Arrow?



Vengeance doesn’t really bring anything new to the world of Oliver Queen and his fellow vigilantes as they strive to make their city a better place. Instead it rehashes a story already told within the TV series, the battle between Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen, both seeking revenge for the women that the other has taken from them, but what it does do is flesh out the story with a lot more detail.

While the TV series centres itself around Oliver Queen in his disguise as the vigilante, Arrow, this novel follows the story from Slade Wilson’s viewpoint, as he finally goes head to head with his adversary. At 4 out of 5 stars this makes the novel a perfect addition to the Arrow mythology, both for true fans of the show, or as a fantastic starting point for those yet to embrace it.

Author: Sarah

I review science fiction, fantasy and horror novels.

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