The Race Through Space: Event Horizon – Book 2 by David Hawk (Book Review)

This second instalment in the Race Through Space, Event Horizon series continues the story of Neil Webb and Marie Arroway from where its predecessor Event Horizon book 1 left off.


If you haven’t already, you can check out my review of Event Horizon book 1 here, or begin with the review of books 1-3 of the original The Race Through Space Trilogy via this link.


…warning: series spoilers ahead…

Dr. Lowell and Dr. Webb hold a press conference to announce their recent scientific discoveries and the translations of the alien rune, given to them by the Teva. However, an unexpected visit from General Nicolas Copper of the US Air Force cuts the press conference short and begins an unfortunate chain of events that places the planet Earth in grave danger. It is up to our teenage heroes, Neil and Marie, to avert the coming catastrophe and save Earth.

This book begins with the aforementioned story of teenage Neil and Marie as they work to save Earth from the destructive alien beings called the Vades of Imperium, who want to take the rune from them. This is a very enjoyable young adult tale, but due to the other plot that is interspersed within the prologues and epilogues of book 1, and the prologue of this book, some of the resulting tension is missing. This is because it’s obvious that if/when either Neil or Marie face danger or get gravely injured that no matter what happens, as teenagers, the two of them will pull through and survive into adulthood.

My main gripe of book 1 was that instead of focusing on Neil and Marie as adults, with the plot highlighted in the prologues and epilogues, these Race Through Space: Event Horizon novels instead follow Neil and Marie as teenagers. Initially I assumed that book 2 was heading in a similar direction, and so it did for about the first two thirds of the story. However, much to my delight the author, although a bit prematurely, broke off from the aftermath of the Vades attack, choosing instead to return to adult Marie and her precarious position close to the Event Horizon of the Black Hole. I’m glad that this exciting aspect of the story, which gives this part of the series its name has now been resolved.

Unfortunately, I can’t give this book 5 stars as there still remains a major issue surrounding the sheer volume of errors contained both within the Race Through Space: Event Horizon books, as well as the series as a whole. This may be down to sloppy proofing by the publishers, or the hiring of cheap proofreaders, but as a reader this is becoming a major issue for me in regards to the books that I read. With the market saturated with self-published indie writers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good quality professionally published books.

As a result, Event Horizon book 2, is rated at 4 out of 5 stars. There’s some good science interspersed with spaceships and aliens, likeable characters and enough questions left over to warrant more books in the future.

I received a complimentary copy of this book directly from the author, David Hawk and voluntarily chose to write this review.


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