Ring Trilogy: Book 3 – Loop by Koji Suzuki (Book Review)

Loop is the third book of the original Ring trilogy from Koji Suzuki and those interested can read my review of book 1, Ring here, or book 2, Spiral via this link.

…Major Spoilers Warning…

Loop takes the idea of the ring virus from Spiral, turning it into a new form of incurable cancer called Metastatic Human Cancer Virus. With those he loves suffering this new disease, medical student Kaoru Futami embarks on a mission to figure out a cure in a desperate bid to save humanity.


I have to admit that around the halfway point through the book, I started to really struggle. Initially the concept – as outlined above – seemed to be interesting, but it gradually evolved into a repetitive tale that meandered along at a snail’s crawl. However, once the author revealed that the events discussed in books 1 and 2 weren’t actually real, but that instead the people and events involved were just figments of computer generated Artificial Intelligence, I started seriously losing interest in this far-fetched story.

Somehow the Ring virus emerged from this computer generated program to infect people in real life, causing widespread cancer in all of the individuals, and their family members, who worked on said program.

In a bid to save his ailing father and pregnant girlfriend, Kaoru travels to a longevity zone in the US desert where he hopes to find a miracle cure for this Metastatic Cancer. Eventually, as this journey wore on and discoveries were revealed I could see where the story was going, but it took such a long, long time to reach its obvious conclusion. By that point I’d completely lost interest and couldn’t be bothered with the story any longer. I was just reading for the sake of completing the trilogy, not for any sort of enjoyment.

At 1 out of 5 stars I can’t recommend the concluding tale of the original Ring trilogy. Books 1 and 2 were enjoyable to a point, but Loop just dragged on for far too long, with a story that lacked any sort of believable substance. I definitely won’t be continuing on with any further books in this series. 

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