Supernatural: Cold Fire by John Passarella (Book Review)

Cold Fire is book thirteen in the series of TV Tie-in novels from the CW show Supernatural, and is written by John Passarella. It takes place during season ten between episodes 12 (About a Boy) and 13 (Halt & Catch Fire).

…spoiler warning for those not familiar and up-to-date with the TV series…

Cold Fire begins with the Winchester brothers in the middle of a monster hunt, going up against a Chimera. This only serves one purpose, to explain to the reader Dean’s struggle with the Mark of Cain. Unfortunately, this issue is frequently referenced throughout the rest of the novel, and it becomes a bit repetitive and tedious. It’s doubtful that readers need such a constant reminder of Dean’s plight, especially when it’s not adding any real depth to the story.

After dispatching the Chimera and surrounded by dead-end leads on the Mark of Cain issue, Sam suggests a distraction from current events by taking a trip to Braden Heights, Indiana. With assistance from Castiel, Sam and Dean check out a strange animal attack in which the victim has been disembowelled and had his eyes removed, only to discover that there’s been numerous other attacks of a similar nature around the same town.

Once the main story finally got going I found it to be really engaging and interesting, with a unique monster that I don’t ever remember the Winchester’s battling before. It kept me curious all the way to the end, keeping turning pages trying to figure out just what was going on and how the boys would finally stop the creature. I also enjoyed the fact that Castiel accompanies Sam and Dean on this hunt, adding an extra angle to the overall story.

Aside from the repetitive references to the Mark of Cain, I think Cold Fire is one of the more enjoyable Supernatural Tie-in novels to date at 3 out of 5 stars. I liked the main storyline and could easily visualise this as a short TV episode. Although with a large cast of characters it’s a bit tricky at times keeping track of everyone, and it was overly descriptive in some places, such as with the Mark of Cain scenes or while introducing minor characters or plot points, but otherwise a riveting read.

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