Maze Runner Trilogy: Book 3 – The Death Cure (Book Review)

The Death Cure completes the main Maze Runner trilogy, continuing on from the point where The Scorch Trials leaves off.

…Warning: this review contains spoilers, proceed with due caution…

There’s not much I can say about The Death Cure that’s positive, as there’s not enough real purpose to the plot. Most of the time the characters are just aimlessly wandering about in the early stages of the story.

The book begins with WICKED up to their usual tricks, lying to Thomas and his friends. Some people, like Teresa buy in to WICKED’s promises, others like Thomas, Newt and Minho refuse to rise to the bait, and attempt an escape. After wandering about the Base for ages looking for their friends, Thomas discovers Teresa has led an escape of her own and rescued everyone else, except himself, Newt, Minho and Brenda. After hooking up with Jorge, and fighting some guards that’ve recovered from the earlier conflict, they finally escape to the city as well.

Once they reach Denver, things go pear-shaped and the book becomes extremely tedious. Made even worse after Newt suddenly goes AWOL, especially since he’s a major, and much loved character. A lot of this story arc seems to be unnecessary, adding extra pages just to lengthen the story. I really struggled to read the second half of The Death Cure, and there were numerous moments where I almost gave up. By the time I was reaching the end, I found I didn’t care much what was happening anymore and couldn’t wait for the book to finally reach its conclusion.

At 1 out of 5 stars, I highly recommend that you don’t waste your time on The Death Cure novel, just watch the film trilogy instead, it’s far superior to this written nonsense.

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