Maze Runner Series: Book 4 – The Kill Order (Book Review)

The Kill Order is the original prequel to the Maze Runner trilogy, having been released many years before The Fever Code.

…spoiler warning…

It focuses on completely different characters from the main trilogy, as the survivors of the sun flares try to survive in their new post-apocalyptic world. When soldiers deliberately infect a small village with the flare virus, it sets off a chain reaction of events for main character, Mark.

The book provides some backstory for Teresa, from when she was still a young girl with her original name, Deedee. Left abandoned in the woods, she joins Mark’s group as they travel across the countryside. However, as with The Fever Code we don’t really learn any new information that has any significant impact on the overall story.

The Kill Order starts off ok, but starts to veer off-track as it nears the halfway mark. I hated Jedidiah and his cult of crazies, but my main issue is with the electronic weapon, the Transvice. This weapon is designed to immediately vaporise people, but it’s electronic and despite Mark and Alec spending ages repeatedly shooting at enemies, the guns never once lose power. This might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things but it rather irked me nonetheless.

At 1 out of 5 stars I wouldn’t recommend The Kill Order unless you’re a huge fan of the Maze Runner novels and need the feeling of ‘completeness’ by reading every book in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Maze Runner novel, but the rest of the books have gradually reduced in quality with each new release from James Dashner, and I won’t be reading anything else from this writer.


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