Kill or Cure Series: Book 1 – Kill or Cure by Pixie Britton (Book Review)

Kill or Cure is the first book in Pixie Britton’s young adult dystopian series, about a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. I was offered a complimentary copy of this book, directly from the author, and being a fan of post-apocalyptic and dystopian novels I decided to take a chance on this new writer. However, it’s aimed at younger teens and while some of these types of stories can also be enjoyed by adults, there can be a fine dividing-line between them depending on maturity of the language, and writing style.

…possible spoiler warning…

Kill or Cure begins with main character, Alyx, who’s trying to save her infected brother, Tommy. But, when the other residents of their walled community find out about Tommy’s situation, Alyx, Tommy, their Uncle Joe and her best friend, Will are run out of town. Finding themselves in the surrounding forest, their once safe haven behind them, the situation takes a turn for the weird. Instead of turning into a zombie, Tommy suddenly wakes up feeling brand new and invigorated, prompting the gang to travel across country in search of answers.

When they reach another walled community known as Panama, Joe is arrested by the military for desertion in favour of saving his family. Can Alyx, Tommy and Will save Joe and escape Panama, without any more disasters?

Despite there being a lack of zombies in this book, I found the story to be quite enjoyable, but a little immature in places due to it being written for a younger audience. Alyx’s attitude annoys me at times, especially when she complains that Colt was being mean to her when they first meet, as it seemed to me that she was just exaggerating and reading too much into the encounter. Also the love triangle issue is really not to my taste, I’m not a big fan of romance at the best of times, let alone when reading a book in which the main character practically flirts with every cute boy she meets.

The story was mostly believable, though in reality I’m somewhat doubtful that Will would’ve really left Merope with Alyx and her family, over staying safe and remaining with his family. I understand his family has issues, but I’m not sure that Will’s character or situation was relevant enough to the story to be included, except for the obvious love-triangle scenario.

All-in-all at 4 out of 5 stars I mostly found Kill or Cure to be an enjoyable read with a good pace and interesting dystopian world, but would probably recommend it more for young teens rather than adults. I’m curious to know how this story evolves, and what happens to Tommy, so will be giving another book in this series a chance to impress.

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Author: Sarah

I review science fiction, fantasy and horror novels.

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