Exoskeleton: Book IV – Revenant by Shane Stadler (Book Review)

Revenant is the fourth novel in the Exoskeleton series by experimental physicist Shane Stadler, and it follows on directly from its predecessors.

Those not already familiar with this series, can find my reviews of books 1 through 3 here, via the following links:

Book I – Exoskeleton

Book II – Tympanum

Book III – Omniscient

…warning: potential spoilers ahead…

Revenant continues the story of Will Thomson, after the surprising events at the Antarctic Base featured in Omniscient. As expected, all the main characters from the previous books also return to continue their parts of this larger story. I don’t want to spoil anything by going in depth and explaining the plot, but if you’ve enjoyed the series so far, you’ll likely appreciate this concluding chapter.

In similar fashion to the earlier books, a large part of Revenant has a lot of somewhat boring, descriptive detail. Such as:

“Denise filled a mug and took a seat to Jonathan’s left at the end of the table, furthest from the screen. On the left side of the table was Sylvia, with Daniel to her left. Jacob, who looked like he’d just gotten out of bed, was on the right side, next to Jonathan.” – p218

This results in the novel having a rather slow pace at times, and coupled with a repetitive narrative it can also be a bit tedious to read. Such as, with its constant reminders of what the character just did or said a few pages earlier. Or when they mull over the same details of a situation within their own head, before discussing these very details as a group. The continuous rehashing of the same facts and information over and over again, can sometimes be useful but more often causes irritation when you just want the plot to move forward and reach its point.

Discounting book one, these are all long novels, which I feel could maybe be streamlined into slightly shorter books which have a better flow, with a reduction in some of the unnecessary details. However, despite my misgivings and the length of time it’s taken me to read this series, I have really enjoyed it, and I admire the underlying concepts that form the backbone of the series. At 4 out of 5 stars, I recommend lovers of science fiction check out these books, and judge their worth for themselves.

See also:

Book I – Exoskeleton

Book II – Tympanum

Book III – Omniscient

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