EIGHT 2: The Alpha Species by W.W. Mortensen (Book Review)

The Alpha Species is the follow-up to W.W. Mortensen’s debut novel EIGHT, and continues the story of Rebecca and Ed’s terrifying trip into the Amazon jungle from where the first book left off. Therefore, in order to fully understand this book, it’s recommended that readers are familiar with EIGHT before moving on to The Alpha Species.

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SLITHERS by W.W. Mortensen – Book Review

SLITHERS is the second horror suspense novel from Australian author W. W. Mortensen. It is considerably shorter than his debut, EIGHT, however the guy sure knows how to tell a good story. It is fast-paced and engaging, keeping the reader turning page after page in an effort to find out where the plot is heading.

Tobe West and a few of his friends are driving along a dark, almost deserted rural road, on their way to a party hosted by Tobe’s cousin, Teesh. However, upon encountering a couple of hitchhikers the group make the decision to stop and offer their assistance. A short time later the group are involved in an unexpected accident which strands them in the middle of nowhere. As the situation goes from uncomfortable, to strange, eerie and finally grossly disturbing, the group must face the disturbing situation head on, if they want to make it home alive.

I loved all of the horror, supernatural and science fiction elements of SLITHERS, and was pleasantly surprised that the story wasn’t quite what I has expected, but hooked me nonetheless. I don’t really feel comfortable going into detail about this novel, as I want to avoid spoilers, but put simply it is a story that you are best just reading for yourself, blind without knowing what to expect.

However, it draws some similarities from one of my favourite Stephen King horror novellas, The Langoliers. Those familiar with that story, will probably enjoy SLITHERS, while for those new to either one, I couldn’t recommend them both enough.

I give SLITHERS the full 5 out of 5 stars for its unique and engrossing story, unexpected twist, and my inability to put the book down until I was finished reading the entire thing. Mortensen knows how to reel the reader in, and keep his novels interesting, without filling them with irritating fluff. He gets to the point quickly and directly, and I cannot wait to find out what new adventures his future novels have in store for us.

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EIGHT by W.W. Mortensen – Book Review

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today I would like to share one of my favourite, creepy horror novels with you. EIGHT by W.W. Mortensen.

Tagline: ‘Terror Has A New Species’

Archaeologist Ed Reardon is following in his grandfather’s footsteps, searching for the remains of a lost civilisation amid the heart of the Amazonian jungle, which he hopes will contain a mysterious object; a source of sustainable, renewable power that will revolutionise the energy industry.

Intrigued by Ed’s recent find, his former partner and entomologist, Rebecca Riley, along with a team of scientific researchers joins Ed at his base camp in the jungle, but to everyone’s horror, what they actually uncover is a fascinating new species of animal, not at all happy at being disturbed.

Favourite Quotes:

‘Deep in the Amazon, the solution to the global energy crisis has been found; a mysterious source of power set to end our dependency on oil.’ – Quote taken from the opening paragraph of ‘EIGHT’, by W.W. Mortensen (location 1 on Kindle)

“There’s a school of thought that at some point in human evolution, spiders may have posed a genuine threat; our ancestors were likely programmed to fear them. That fear may have lodged in our psyche and been passed on through the genes, the reason as to why so many people are anxious of them.” – Rebecca Riley. (location 893 on Kindle)

EIGHT is the debut novel from Australian author W. W. Mortensen. It is the type of action packed horror story that I absolutely adore, full of expertly researched scientific facts and interesting information, it is also overflowing with such horrifying creatures that will scare you to your very core, arachnophobic or not.

EIGHT is extremely long, for a debut novel, however with the aid of great writing, short chapters, and fast-paced action you don’t really notice, it will hook you so deeply into its web of intricate storytelling that you will find yourself completely engrossed, unable to tear yourself away from it, for hours on end.

At first, EIGHT bore a striking resemblance to another scary spider infused novel that I had read recently (odd considering my arachnophobia), ‘The Hatching’ by Ezekiel Boone. However, while I loved both novels, Mortensen’s was certainly the most riveting read, with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

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