Supernatural: The Roads Not Taken by Tim Waggoner (Book Review)

The Roads Not Taken is a fantasy novel based on the cult TV series Supernatural which was created by Eric Kripke.

Tim Waggoner’s idea behind this TV tie-in novel, coupled with illustrations from Zachary Baldus, is to allow ‘YOU’ the reader a rare opportunity to decide the fate of your favourite characters, Sam and Dean Winchester. This interactive book provides four different inter-connected tales of supernatural terror and during each story there are numerous hunter style decisions that the brothers must make: Use a gun or a knife? Holy water or salt? Go in alone or wait for backup?

Each tiny decision can seal the fate for our heroes. Now ‘YOU’ the reader can make those choices and decide for yourself how you want them to end, as you travel across the back roads of America as a passenger in the Impala, during the following four adventures:

  • Here Kitty, Kitty
  • Shulman’s Model
  • Hollow Town
  • Let Us Prey
Favourite Quotes:

 “Crazy cat ladies, there’s at least one in every town.” – Dean. (pg19)

“Cat, you have five seconds to get off my car before I start shooting. And so help me, if you scratched the paint with your claws…” – Dean. (pg24)

Sam: “Heart attacks in otherwise healthy people. And the victims were found with expressions of sheer terror on their faces.”

Dean: “So? Dying is scary. We ought to know; we’ve done it enough times.”


“It’s cold out today, even homicidal maniacs need to stay inside and keep warm.” – Dean. (pg100)

“Crazy in life, crazy in death.” – Sam. (pg126)

Ever wondered how you would fare if you lived the life of a hunter like Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural? You ever wish the brothers had made a different choice? Well here’s your chance to seal their fate, based on your own decisions.

During The Road Not Taken, ‘YOU’ the reader have the opportunity to make each difficult choice, when you reach the pivotal moments in the story. Will the good guys win? Should you save the life of the innocent victim? Can you wait until the cavalry arrives or blunder on and hope for the best? You decide!

At 4 out of 5 stars, I’m sure the supernatural hunter inside you will love this fun little book of four short novellas and its rather unique and delightful premise. I only wish this book was a little longer.


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